Bubbl SDK for iOS and Android are drop-in native payloads that provide a simple way to integrate Bubbl platform services into your iOS and Android apps. Each SDK is provided as a ZIP archive and contains pre-compiled binaries for each architecture. Bubbl iOS SDK supports iOS 8+. Android SDK version is compatible with Android 4.0+. 

Three lines of code quickly and easily bolt into an existing iOS or Android app, saving a huge amount of developer time. This allows developers to easily implement app improvements and enhanced functionality to increase revenue potential and enhance data insight with real-time, location-specific mobile and behaviour analytics. Bubbl has been developed to use minimum battery power and work without the app having to be open in the foreground on users' phone.

Adding Bubbl's triggering and technology packet capability to a company's app adds the ability to reach audiences in real time with specific targeted messages, knowing exactly where they are without breaching anyone’s privacy. The technology doesn’t require the user to open the app, but still triggers and delivers specific or multiple ‘functionality pack’ actions when specific geofence, proximity and other complex trigger conditions are met. Our solution works by creating geofence parameters for any area (using geofences), meaning you can use it to easily target and communicate with visitors in and around a building or outdoor venue such as festival sites.

The content of payloads is managed via a cloud-based platform that includes an easy-to-use marketing dashboard for campaign set-up and management. The platform allows on the fly campaign changes and provides live/real-time analytics and response data. 

Brands and app owners gain complex combinations of functionalities, all supplied in an easy-to-use and easy to deploy format. This includes functionality such as:
    • Live feedback and exit surveys (net promoter scores)
    • New revenue streams via e-commerce, video, audio and picture streaming
    • Real-time, location and context aware communication and push notifications
    • Tailored marketing opportunities, simultaneously running different campaigns, across multiple events, venues or locations
    • Easily obtainable, comprehensive, real-time location-specific analytics and dynamic insights to inform marketing and commercial decisions
    • Reach users in specific locations at specific times with easily specified and precise polygon targeting that allows precision marketing