Privacy options can be controlled both from the server and the phone. App user can opt-in and opt-out of geofence-triggered communications, and control a number of campaigns they receive each week.
The privacy dialogue is optional to allow the host app to cover opt in/out within their own terms. The server determines the instances when the privacy dialogue should show and sets the text appearing in the dialogue. The privacy dialogue will first appear when the user qualifies for the first campaign. This prevents confusing users when they first download the app, as they will be answering the standard app privilege access questions.

The host app can also call a function in the Bubbl SDK to make the opt-out dialogue appear. This allows them to place a button/link/image to fire anywhere in their app.

(IBAction)displayPrivacyOptions:(id)sender {
    [BUMain displayPrivacyOptions];
The following example of opt-in dialogue is shown for Bubbl showcase app. The privacy dialogue will appear the same on any host app, unless the marketer / app developer decides to edit privacy text via Bubbl platform to match brand's tone of voice. 

The privacy options can be controlled via Bubbl Campaign Management platform by company administrators: